As gentle as a mother's loving touch!™ Wrapping mamas and their precious little ones in an instant sense of comfort and well-being is what we love and do best, thanks to our incredibly soft & gentle bamboo clothes and accessories made from our signature ecosy™ bamboo jersey.

Benefits of our ecosy™ bamboo jersey?

Benefits of our ecosy bamboo jersey

Made from a blend of organically grown, OEKOTEX 100 certified viscose from bamboo and 5% spandex, our bamboo jersey provides just the right amount of stretch for a snuggly fit and optimal everyday comfort.

You will love the feel of our mama robes and our knotted gowns and swaddles will leave baby feel hugged and comforted, even when you aren't there.

Its thermo-regulating properties naturally help to regulate body heat and ensure a warm and cozy feel in winter, and a nice and cool touch to the skin during our long and hot Australian summer months.

Our ecosy™ bamboo jersey is also naturally hypoallergenic, breathable and absorbs moisture more efficiently than cotton. Consequently providing a less favorable environment for bacterial growth, which makes it an excellent choice of fabric for mamas and little ones with sensitive skin, allergies and/or skin irritations like eczema.

Also viscose from bamboo naturally offers protection against UV rays, which adds additional peace of mind, especially in our hot & sunny Australian climate.



As you may know, children's clothing is still quite commonly treated with flame-retardants (chemicals) to make them less flammable and to decrease the ability of the clothing to ignite, should it comes in contact with fire.

At Marli & Me™ we do not treat our bamboo jersey with any chemicals. We comply with Children's Nightwear Standards and Labelling Regulations and with your child's safety as a priority, follow snug fitting guidelines, when designing our range.



The viscose from bamboo used for our ecosy™ bamboo jersey is made from OEKOTEX 100 certified, organically grown, eco-friendly bamboo and does not contribute to natural habitat loss or destruction.

Bamboo is the fastest growing and considered to be one of the most sustainable plants on earth. Due to it having no natural pests, bamboo can grow up to 1m without the application of fertilizers, chemicals or water. One could literally watch it grow.

Bamboo also plays a crucial role in fighting global warming and helps reduce our carbon footprint by absorbing 2x more carbon dioxide than trees, and releasing over 30% more oxygen than most other plants.