About ME

Hi, I’m Skadi...

The founder & creative soul behind Marli & Me™.

Born and raised in Germany, I decided back in 2010 to quit my corporate job in retail management and to travel and work my way around Australia instead. A total of 3 weeks into my time in Perth, many delicious flat whites, fresh chilli mussels and far too many exhausting nights in a 6-bed dorm later, it was time for me to get out of the city and find myself a job. Believe me, sharing a room with 5 strangers every night, after having lived on my own since uni wasn’t as much fun and adventurous as one might think.

As luck would have it, 2 days and one job interview later, I was on my way to a farm job in a little town called Newdegate, situated halfway between Perth and Esperance, in the beautiful Wheatbelt Region of Western Australia.

Who could have known that this job would lead me to the farm of an incredible man, who I now call my husband and, 11 years on, share 2 beautiful girls with, Marli (6) & Evie (4).

I love living and working on the farm and it makes me happy and content seeing my girls grow up among chickens, rabbits, dogs, pet kangaroos, alpacas and our fair share of pet lambs. They are growing up to be 2 kind & free-spirited young girls. Imagine 2 girls with blond hair blowing in the wind, running over paddocks chasing sheep. With just the right amount of sass and self-confidence to make me proud and to keep me on my toes.

The Journey

Marli & Me

I started Marli & Me back in 2016. Marli was going through yet another spout of teething when we came across a market stall in Perth selling silicone jewellery and teethers. I instantly fell in love with the idea, texture and beautiful array of colours. I was excited, and judging by the number of mums browsing the stall with me, I was not alone. There was both a market and a demand for safe boutique nursing jewellery and teething toys.

The idea to start Marli & Me™ was pretty much born a day later on our long drive home. Marli was still happily chewing away on her new teething toy while I could not stop thinking about how much I would love to start my business designing and making silicone jewellery & teething toys. And so I did!

The start of 2020 stopped us all in our tracks and led me personally to reflect on many things in life. I realised that life is too short not to act on your dreams and ambitions. It was then that I decided to take the plunge to make my vision of designing our range of clothing and accessories for mamas and babies a reality. And so I did, again!

2021 marks an important milestone for Marli & Me™ (and me personally) as we evolve and shift our core business from handmade silicone jewellery & accessories to designing and responsibly manufacturing our line of bamboo clothing for mamas and their precious little ones.

Designed in house and lovingly made in China, our bamboo mama robesswaddle sets and knotted gowns are made with our luxuriously soft signature ecosy™ bamboo jersey and come in matching and coordinating colours and unique prints.

I hope you will love our new product range as much as I loved bringing it to life!

Cheeky Toes

Cheeky Toes™ was introduced about six months into the business when I realised having teething toys and silicone jewellery under the same brand name created confusion. The name Cheeky Toes was inspired by our darling baby girl Evie and her cute and wiggly toes.

I put a lot of thought and love into creating our Cheeky Toes™ products and colourways. The safety and well being of your babies is our priority, so we have all of our teethers, toys and dummy clips independently tested to comply with mandatory safety standards

I am so very excited to continue to pour my love, passion and creative energy into designing products of highest quality and style, that you can trust and fall in love with!