A coming home outfit is a memory that will last forever. Those precious pictures that you take as you bring your baby into your home for the first time will become treasured keepsakes for years. Find out what makes our knotted gowns the ideal baby coming-home outfit.

Every parent wants to dress up their precious new little one in something absolutely darling for the big moment. However, there are lots of other considerations to take into account when picking out their coming home outfit - how comfortable will they be on the way home? Will they be warm enough? Is it easy enough to change their nappy? And how can you plan an outfit when you can't even be sure how big your baby will be? The answer to all of these questions is simple; bring them home in a knotted gown!

Knotted baby gowns are, first of all, completely adorable and charming. Their simple, timeless style is sure to make all those coming home photos precious keepsakes. They're available in a beautiful variety of styles, so you can pick the one that best suits your taste.

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What makes a knotted gown the ideal coming-home outfit for your newborn?

Comfort Comes First

Knotted gowns are more than simply beautiful, though. They're also extra comfortable for the baby and our signature bamboo jersey is gentle on newborn skin, surrounding them with a warm softness without restricting their movement or pressing into them with unnecessary buttons or snaps. The secured knot gives them a snug feel without being swaddled and enough room for happy baby wiggles. The knotted closure also allows you to adjust the gown's size as the baby grows.

Easy To Change

They are game-changers when it comes to nappy changes (and we all know there will be plenty of those). Rather than having to unsnap a bunch of buttons or pull their little legs in and out of holes, all you need to do is untie the knot and slide the hem of the gown up. Then it's securely out of the way for changing and bub's upper body stays covered and warm. All you need to do after is slide it back down and tie it up again! It will make nappy changing fly by and keep both you and your baby comfortable.

Sizing Made Easy

Since brand-new babies come in a variety of sizes, it's important to have a coming home outfit with some room to fit either a tiny little 5-pound bundle or a 10-pound champ, knotted gowns are forgiving and roomy to allow for lots of (happy) baby wiggles. You should get used to packing a spare set of clothes for your newborn. Best to start with the homecoming! Just in case, add a spare knotted gown or zippy to the nappy bag.

Happy Ride Home

When you're packing your newborn into the car seat for their first drive home, knotted gowns are easy to work with. Just untie the knot at the bottom to allow for the buckle to come up between the baby's legs. Then you can simply fold and tuck the hem of the gown over the baby's feet to keep them warm and snug on the drive home. The soft fabric will easily lay flush against the baby under the straps, keeping them from chafing or causing discomfort on the drive. If you are worried about the baby getting too cold on the way home, simply grab one of our super soft & stretchy swaddles to add an extra layer of comfort & warmth.

Blissful Beginnings

So as you're packing your hospital bag, make sure to throw in a knotted gown or two. It will make your first day spent home together smooth and comfortable, and make those precious keepsake pictures as adorable as your baby is! Why not make the first pictures of you and bub extra precious with one of our Ultimate hospital bag bundles. Our bamboo mama & maternity robes will have you wrapped in much-needed comfort throughout maternity, that oh-so-important stay in the hospital and the many exhausting hours of nursing a newborn and beyond.

It’s such a magical time! Enjoy and embrace every moment! ❤️

Which Marli & Me knotted baby gown is your favourite?

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