Kids Jewellery

Welcome to our safe range of Kids jewellery , where little girls’ dreams are bound to come true.

Catch yourself a TWINKLE STAR or let SLEEPING BEAUTY take you on a magical adventure.

The majority of our kids silicone necklaces are great for outdoors and active play, as they are easy to clean and feature an easy release clasp, that pops open in case it get’s a bit rough.* We all know how children play, right!

Our necklaces are also ideal for Australian long and hot summers! Silicone is water and sweat resistant and doesn’t get hot, which makes our jewellery perfect for play in the water and on the beach. For longevity of the cord and necklace, please make sure to give it a quick rinse under water after. Air dry completely before stowing it away in our complementary calico storage bag!

Please note that our kids jewellery is for children age 3+ ONLY, as it contains small parts that might pose a choking hazard.

Our SLEEPING BEAUTY and FAYE necklace designs do not feature a safety clasp for easy release when tugged sharply. FAYE also features small alloy charms and tassels. Every child is different and we ask you to judge for yourself, if your child is mature enough to wear the jewellery safely.

*This does not apply to our bracelets, which are strung on an elastic cord and may break easily if tugged sharply.


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